Volume 9  


July 1988



Cystoplasty with peritoneal grafts in dogs
    N.R. Nair, M.R. Patel and R.P. Awadhiya
Cystoplasty with skin grafts in dogs
    N.R. Nair, M.R. Patel and R.P. Awadhiya
Histomorphological observations on the efficacy of Adhatoda vasica ointment, olive oil and pancreatic tissue extract on wound healing in buffaloes
    M.M.S. Zama, Harpal Singh, Prem Prakash, S.P. Singh and Amresh Kumar
Cerebrospinal fluid changes in relation to plasma following induced uraemia in buffalo calves (Bubalus bubalis)
    Mohinder Singh, A.P. Singh, P.K. Peshin and Jit Singh
Dystocia and parturient complications in cattle
    S.N. Maurya, M.S. Saxena and V.P. Manglik
Haematological and  biochemical changes during visceral procaine blockade, lumbar epidural and local infiltration anaesthesia in buffalo calves
    M.A. Malek, D.B. Patil, K. Sukumaran, R.R. Parsania and M.R. Patel
Comparison of single layer inverting and everting intestinal anastomosis in donkey
    A.P. Singh, I.I. Al-Sultan, A.J. Amin, A.M. Salih and M.S. Al-Badrany
Haematological and biochemical changes in sheep after mitral valve replacement - a follow up study
    T.V. Kumari, Mira Mohanty and Arthur Vijayan Lal
Ordinary cotton mesh prosthesis in the repair of ventral abdominal wall defects in bovine
    M.G. Kanade, Amresh Kumar and S.N. Sharma
Use of miniplaster cast and leather boot after tibial transfixation in bovine
    Davood Sharifi and S.N. Sharma
Management of surgical diseases in camel
I   1.   Salivary fistula
          T.K. Gahlot, D.S. Chouhan and R.J. Choudhary
2.   Luxation of tendo-achilles
     3.   Oral wounds in compound mandibular fracture
     4.   Hydrocele
     5.   Kumri
II   6.   Lower lip paralysis
               N.R. Purohit, R.J. Choudhary and D.S. Chouhan
      7.   Unusual fibrotic myopathy
      8.   Bilateral thoroughpin
      9.   Rupture of the cruciate ligament of stifle joint
                   N.R. Purohit, D.S. Chouhan, R.J. Choudhary, P.R. Dudi and K.S. Deora
10.   Rupture of the ligament of head of femur
                   N.R. Purohit, D.S. Chouhan, R.J. Choudhary and P.R. Dudi      
Epiphyseal fracture of tibia in a lion (Panthera leo)
    P.O. George, K.N. Murleedharan Nayar, Jacob V. Cheeran, A.M. Jalaluddin, S. Ravindran Nayar, C. Abraham Varkey and K. Rajankutty
Fibrosarcoma of vagina in a cow
    A.P. Singh, S.M. Eshow and M.S. Al-Badrany
Surgical treatment of fibrous band attachment of ovary in a cow
    A.K. Mitra, V.S.C. Bose, A.K. Ray, S. Nayak and B.N. Mohanty
Fracture and luxation of vertebra (T11) in a dog - a case report
    R.R. Parsania, D.B. Patil, D.R. Barvalia and N.H. Kelawala
Reticulo-hepatic abscess in she-buffalo- a case report
    K. Singh, R. Tayal, Sukhbir Singh, Prem Singh and D. Krishnamurthy
Salient anatomical features of a mummified cow foetus- a case report
    M.K. Bhargava, S.K. Pandey, A.M. Srivastava and S.P Nema
Schistosomus reflexus in a calf- a case report
    V.S.C. Bose, S. Nayak and A.K. Mitra
A note on an unusual case of haematoma in a buffalo
    T.K. Gahlot, D.S. Chouhan and R.J. Choudhary
A note on an clinical evaluation of tenorrhaphy by autologous dermal tissue in canine
    Dipak Kumar de and D.B. Mukharjee
A note on repeated xylazine- ketamine anaesthesia in cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)
    Jit Singh, M.M. Husain and V. Ramakumar
A note on observations on foot disorders in sheep in fraq
    A.M. Salih, A.S. Soliman, T.A. Abid and A.P. Singh
A note on the haematological effects of chloral hydrate-chloroform anaesthesia in horses
    P.K. Joshi, K. Sukumaran, R.R. Parsania, D.B. Patil and M.R. Patel
A note on the effects of administration of cystone on pH and electrolyte levels in bullocks
    P.K. Joshi, D.B. Patil, K. Sukumaran, R.R. Parsania and M.R. Patel
A note on the effect of trimming of hooves on milk yield in Jersey cows
    J. Saikia and S.C. Pathak

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