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Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery; VOLUME 31 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2010

Review Article

Antimicrobial impregnated polymethylmethacrylate in combating

orthopaedic infections 1-7

Kumar Vikas, Arup Kumar Das and Harpal Singh

Research Articles

Studies on the prognosis in cases of canine mammary neoplasms based on the

TNM and histological grading 8-10

Pankaj Gupta, M. Raghunath and N.K. Sood

Ultrasonographic features of the fetlock osteoarthritis in draught horses 11-14

M.B. Mostafa and A.I. Abed-Galil

Comparison of four surgical techniques for the management of obstructive

urolithiasis in male goats 15-20

Tarunbir Singh, Amarpal, P. Kinjavdekar, H.P. Aithal and A.M. Pawde

Evaluation of three techniques for dissolution of urethral calculi in goats 21-24

M. Singh, K. Pratap, Amarpal, H.P. Aithal, P. Kinjavdekar, A.M. Pawde and G.R. Singh

Standardization of port placement for laparoscopic unilateral nephrectomy

in pigs 25-28

Mehraj u din Dar, D.B. Patil, P.V. Parikh, Nisha Joy and Akhilesh Kumar

Comparative studies on normal cutaneous tissue subjected to single and

double cryoapplications in goats 29-32

Kh. Sangeeta Devi, L.L. Das, P.N. Shahye and A.K. Gangwar

Short Communications

Diagnosis and surgical management of reticular abscess in bovines 33-36

H. Athar, J. Mohindroo, A. Kumar, K. Singh and V. Sangawan

Ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration biopsy for the diagnosis of

prostatic affections in dogs 37-40

C. Singh, S.K. Mahajan, J. Mohindroo, N.K. Sood and S.S. Singh

Plate-rod technique for the management of diaphyseal femoral fractures

in dogs 41-42

S.M. Shiju, S. Ayyappan, T.N. Ganesh and R. Suresh Kumar

A retrospective study on occurrence of long bone fractures in cats 43-44

B.C. Das, A. Arun Prasad, S. Ayyappan, G.D. Rao, Shiju Simon, R. Ganesh and

R. Suresh Kumar

Surgical management of long bone fractures in cats: a review of 12 cases 45-46

A. Arun Prasad, S. Ayyappan, B.C. Das, Md. Shafiuzama, S. Priya and R. Suresh Kumar

Modified flap method for amputation of the horn in buffaloes 47-48

H.K. Mahida, P.H. Tank , M.A. Dhami, A.A. Vagh, K.B. Vala, A.S. Karle and

H.S. Vedpathak

Laparoscopic ovariectomy in dogs: a clinical report 49-50

Jalal Bakhtiari, Azin Tavakoli, Alireza Khalaj and Elnaz Shariati

Measurements of normal renal parameters by ultrasonography in dogs 51-52

P.K. Singh, A. Shahi, M.K. Bhargava, S. Jawre and V.P. Chandrapuria

Effect of Seabuckthorn oil on cutaneous burn wounds 53-54

Amit Kumar, A.C. Varshney, S.P. Tyagi and M.S. Kanwar

Effect of Azadirachta indica on full thickness cutaneous wound healing in

albino rats 55-56

Shive Prasad, Amita Singh, Sonu Jaiswal and H.N. Singh

Effect of cow urine on wound healing in goats 57-58

R. Mishra, L.L. Dass, A.K. Sharma and K.K. Singh

Wound healing properties of Neem oil (Azadirachta indica juss) and

Turmeric powder (Curcuma longa) 59-61

R.L. Bhardwaj and Rajesh Rajput

Standing castration of horses in the field: a clinical report 62

Z. Peczynski, Z. Adamiak, D.B. Patil and A. Piorek

Clinical Articles

Surgical management of rectal prolapse in equines 63-64

Tarunbir Singh, Navdeep Singh, M. Raghunath, J. Mohindroo and Vandana Sangwan

Closure of external ear canal secondary to telescope guided

electrocauterisation of ear canal tumour in a Labrador dog 65-66

R.B. Kushwaha, A.K. Gupta, M.S. Bhadwal and Nazir Ahmad

Ultrasonographic diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis in two dogs 67-68

Akhilesh Kumar, S. Dey, D. Swarup, Jasmeet Singh, M. Hoque and A.M. Pawde

Haemangiosarcoma of spleen in a dog 69

Deepesh Kumar, R.P. Pandey and Bharat Singh

An unusual case of Coenurus gaigeri cyst in the eye of a goat 70

D.R. Manjunatha, V. Mahesh and L. Ranganath

Double intussusception in a Chippiparai pup and its surgical management 71

V. Vijayanand, M. Gokulakrishnan, R. Jayaprakash and S. Thilagar

An unusually large corneal dermoid in a buffalo 72

Deepesh Kumar, Gulshan Kumar, R.P. Pandey and Bharat Singh

An unusually large granulosa cell tumour in a bitch 73

M. Gokulakrishnan, V. Vijayanand and S. Thilagar

Surgical management of atresia ani et recti in a perosomus acaudatus

Holstein calf 74

Reji Varghese, P.D. Sjostrom and M.K. Ghebremariam

Oral fibrosarcoma in a domestic goat (Capra hircus) 75

Randhir Singh, V.P. Chandrapuria, Madhu Swami, M.K. Bhargava, Shobha Jawre

and Apra Shahi

C-arm guided external fixation for management of radial fracture in a dog 76

S. Ayyappan, T.N. Ganesh, R. Jayaprakash, Md. Shafiuzama, R. Ganesh, M. Ajith

and R. Suresh Kumar

Delivery of a schistosomus reflexus crossbred calf by caesarean section 77

Jasmeet Singh, R. Ahmad, M.M.S. Zama, A.M. Pawde and S. Deori

Thoracomelia and its surgical correction in a calf 78

S. Anoop, K.D. John Martin, Syam K. Venugopal, T. Sarada Amma and K. Unnikrishnan

Surgical management of interdigital eosinophilic granulomas in cattle 79

N. Aruljothi, T.P. Balagopalan, R.M.D. Alphonse, B. Ramesh Kumar and M.G. Nair

The use of interstomach fluid as a simple technique for enhancing sonographic

visualization of normal canine liver 80

A.K. Srivastaya, Sangeeta Srivastaya, Ashish Srivastaya and Saurabh Chaturvedi

Thesis Abstracts 7, 32, 44, 58, 61, 66,

Book Review 68

Announcement for XXXIV convention of ISVS 48



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