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Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery; Year 2008, Volume-29, Issue-1 (June)

Research Articles

Histological evaluation of freeze-dried and fresh homologous tendon grafts for tenorrhaphy in buffaloes
S.V. Singh, V.K. Sharma, H.P. Singh, N.S. Jadon, Sarvesh Kumar

Wound healing potential of spermatheca gland extract of snail (Telescopium telescopium) in rabbits
S. Kumar, D. Ghosh, U. Dutta, P. Das, S.K. Mukhopadhyaya, S. Kundu

Comparison of lateral and ventral approaches of tube cystostomy for the management of urethral obstruction in goats
Kailash Thakur, P. Kinjavdekar, Amarpal, H.P. Aithal, A.M. Pawde, R.B. Kushwaha, K. Pratap

Laparoscopic oophorectomy in bitches
Kshama Shirodkar, V.M. Chariar, P.H. Tank, M. Y. Mankad, Y. M. Paithanpagare

Cryosurgical sterilization in bitches
M.Y. Mankad, P.H. Tank, Kshama Shirodkar, N.P. Sarvaiya, K.S. Prajapati, Y.M. Paithanpagare

Influence of preoperative dextrose infusion on surgical stress in dogs after elective surgery
M.P. Laiju, C.B. Devanand, K.P. Sreekumar, T. Sarada Amma

Cardiopulmonary effects of midazolam in goats
S.K. Jangra, S.K. Chawla, P.K. Peshin, Rishi Tayal, Jit Singh, S.M. Behl

Atropine-medetomidine-ketamine for balanced anaesthesia in neonatal calves: Cardiovascular and electroencephalographic studies
A.K. Singh, S.K. Sharma, Adarsh Kumar, A.C. Varshney, Amit Kumar

Evaluation of bupivacaine alone and in combination with hyaluronidase for epidural analgesia in dogs
S. Murmu, L.L. Dass, A.K. Sharma

Postoperative behaviour as indicators of pain in dogs after elective ovariohysterectomy
M.P. Laiju, C.B. Devanand, K.P. Sreekumar, K.D. John Martin, T. Sarada Amma

Short Communications

Clinical, haematobiochemical and ultrasonographic features of diffuse peritonitis in bovines
Mithilesh Kumar, J. Mohindroo, Ashwani Kumar, S.S. Singh

Abdominal radiography for diagnosis of intestinal obstruction in dogs: A report of seven cases
K.B.P. Raghavender, T. Madhava Rao, S. Bharathi

Interlocking nailing for repair of humerus shaft fractures using image intensifier in dogs
Poonam Gupta, D.B. Patil, N.H. Kelawala, P.V. Parikh, B.M. Patel

Carbon fiber as a prosthetic material for reconstruction of congenital umbilical hernias in buffalo calves
Kh. Sangeeta Devi, A.K. Gangwar, H.N. Singh

Clinical evaluation of Negasunt in traumatic myiasis in animals
Adarsh Kumar, S.K. Sharma, S.P. Tyagi, Mohinder Singh, A.C. Varshney, R. Katoch

Comparative effects of xylazine and acepromazine on some haematological parameters and serum electrolytes in dogs
R.A. Ajadi, T.A. Olusa, S.B. Adeniye

Haemato-biochemical studies on electro acupuncture of acupoints LIV-14, BL-30 and GV-20 in calves
K.A.P. Singh, A. Kumar, N.S. Jadon, D.K. Yadav, V.K. Sharma

Clinico-surgical studies on electrostimulation analgesia of abdomino-pelvic region in sheep
K.A.P. Singh, A. Kumar, N.S. Jadon, D.K. Yadav, V.K. Sharma

Mammary gland biopsy in pregnant and lactating buffaloes in standing position
P.G. Koringa, A.K. Patel, K.N. Nandasana, U.V. Ramani, C. Bhong, V.K. Joshi, K.N. Wadhvani, N.H. Kelawala, D.R. Barvalia

Clinical Articles

Management of prostatic hyperplasia along with perineal hernia in a Pomeranian dog
Sarvesh Kumar, Manjul Kandpal, N.S. Jadon

Electrocardiographic changes following xylazine-ketamine anaesthesia in a sambar deer (Cervus unicolor)
S. Anoop, S. Ajith Kumar

Canine hepatic cyst: Its imaging study and surgical management
S. Roy, D. Ghosh, S. Roy, G.L. Ghosh

Successful surgical management of long bone fractures in two birds
Ashwani Kumar, J. Mohindroo, Vandana Sangwan

Successful surgical management of peri-rectal abscess in a racing bullock
Vandana Sangwan, J. Mohindroo, N.S. Saini, Ashwani Kumar, M. Raghunath

An unusual case of haemangiosarcoma involving the orbit in a dog
T.P. Balagopalan, R.M.D. Alphonse, N. Aruljothi, B. Ramesh Kumar, M. Gopalakrishnan Nair, K.C. Varshney

Malignant melanoma in a dog
Kh. Sangeeta Devi, A.K. Gangwar, H.N. Singh, Rabindra Kumar, J.Y. Waghaye

A rare case of hemivertebra and its radiographic diagnosis in a dog
A. Velavan, R. Jayaprakash

Discospondylitis: Clinical and radiographic diagnosis in two dogs
A. Velavan, R. Jayaprakash

Pyogranuloma and chronic osteomyelitis associated with implant failure in a dog
S. Ayyappan, Mohammed Shafiuzama, N. Dhanalakshmi, Peter Nolesco, Pushkin Raj, R. Suresh Kumar

Management of urinary obstruction and stricture in two male cats
Vivek Malik, R.P. Pandey, Bharat Singh, Alok Kumar, Anil Singh






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