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Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery Year 2008, Volume-29, Issue-2 (December)

Research Articles

Influence of diazepam, midazolam or propofol on ketamine anaesthesia in domestic short haired cats
R.A. Ajadi, O.A. Fagade, O.A. Oloko

Behavioural alterations due to pain, and analgesic role of meloxicam and rofecoxib in dogs undergoing long bone fracture repair
M.R. Fazili, S.K. Chawla, Jit Singh, Rishi Tayal, S.M. Behl

Haemodynamic and electrocardiographic changes after spinal administration of combinations ketamine with bupivacaine, xylazine or buprenorphine at lumbosacral space in healthy buffalo calves
Rekha Pathak, K. Pratap, Amarpal, P. Kinjavdekar, H.P. Aithal, A.M. Pawde, Pankaj

Comparison of dynamic compression plate with circular external skeletal fixator for correcting angular deformity after wedge osteotomy of canine antebrachium
K. Singh, P. Kinjavdekar, H.P. Aithal, A. Gopinathan, Amarpal, A.M. Pawde, G.R. Singh

Comparison of type Ia and type Ib external skeletal fixation for tibial fracture repair in dogs
G.D. Pardeshi, L. Ranganath

Gross and histopathological findings following serosal and mesenteric onlay grafting for intestinal anastomosis in canines
N.V.V. Hari Krishna, R.V. Suresh Kumar, M. Sreenu, T.S.C. Rao

Effect of keratin-gelatin and bFGF-gelatin composite film on wound healing in dogs: A histopathological study
N. Arul Jothi, S. Thilagar, A.R. Sheik Omar, M.D. Kamaruddin, G. Shanthi

Studies on MEM-Eagle, M-199 and Ham's F-12 culture media for in-vitro cultivation of bovine tenoblasts
A. Sharma, V.K. Sharma, N.S. Jadon, Sarvesh Kumar

Short Communications

Intramedullary interlocking nailing for management of long bone diaphyseal fractures in dogs: A study of 17 clinical cases
M. Raghunath, S.S. Singh

Comparative evaluation of isoflurane and sevoflurane anaesthesia in puppies
N.S. Jadon, Sarvesh Kumar, Manjul Kandpal, V.K. Sharma, A.K. Thathoo

Epidemiological studies on periodontal diseases in dogs
Vikas Kumar, N.H. Kelawala, D.B. Patil, P.V. Parikh, D.R. Barvalia

Efficacy of combined therapy of Azadirachta indica and Lawsonia alba on wound healing in albino rats
Shive Prasad, H.N. Singh, S. Jaiswal, A. Singh

Comparative evaluation of diatrizoate meglumine and iopromide for non-selective intra-arterial digital subtraction angiography of kidneys in dogs
T.J. Desai, N.H. Kelawala, P.V. Parikh, D.B. Patil, G.U. Rane, M.M. Rajapurka

Clinical use of liquid nitrogen cryotherapy in animals
Y.M. Paithanpagare, P. H. Tank, M.Y. Mankad, Kshama Shirodkar

Clinical Articles

Cystic endometrial hyperplasia-pyometra complex in bitches: A report of three cases
T.A. Ajadi, R.A. Ajadi, M. Agbaje, A.A. Abiabe

Congenital bilateral extramural ectopic ureter in a bitch
S. Thilagar, H.G. Heng, S. Gayathri Thevi, K.H. Khor, S. Nor Alimah, N.A.B.Y. Cheng

Successful management of chronic gastric dilatation and torsion in a cat
S. Thilagar, H.G. Heng, K.H. Khor, A. Ardhy

A new approach for the surgical sterilization by the vaginal route in bitches
A.K. Srivastava, Ram Janam Singh

Linear foreign body in intestine mimics intussusception on ultrasonogram in a dog
J. Mohindroo, A. Kumar, M. Chaudhary, M. Raghunath, S.S. Singh, N. Singh, S.K. Mahajan, A. Anand, P. Verma

Tension band wiring for olecranon fracture repair in a dog
M. Raghunath, J. Mohindroo, M. Chaudhary, N. Singh, Vandana Sangwan

Traumatic abdominal hernia in a bitch and its surgical correction by hernioplasty
M. Gokulakrishnan, V. Vijayanand, P.S. Thirunavukkarasu, R.C. Rajasundaram

Repair of atresia coli in two Holstein calves
M.R. Fazili, B.A. Buchoo, B.A. Moulvi, H.K. Bhattacharya

Bovine squamous cell carcinoma at unusual sites: A report of 3 cases
M.R. Fazili, B.A. Buchoo, M.M. Darzi, H.K. Bhattacharya

Fetal anasarca in a Dachshund puppy
M. Gokulakrishnan, V. Vijayanand, P.S. Thirunavukkarasu, R.C. Rajasundaram

Unusual case of intestinal obstruction in a bitch
S. Roy, G.L. Ghosh, P. Mukherjee, S.K. Nandi

Dental fistula in dogs: A report of two cases
S. Bharathi, T. Madhava Rao, K.B.P. Raghavender

Cryptorchidism in dogs: A report of two cases
Jasmeet Singh, Indramani Nath, T.K. Pattanaik

Removal of a tumour from the vaginal canal in a cow
T.K. Pattanaik, P.S. Parvathamma, T.K. Palai, M. Sarangi, S. Acharya, J. Singh, K. Patel, S. Satapathy, V.S.C. Bose

Ovariohysterectomy in two jackals (Canis aureus)
L. Ranganath, V. Mahesh

An acquired bilateral entropion of upper and lower eyelids in an Ongole bull and its successful surgical treatment
S.P. Mouli

Adenocarcinoma in a leopard (Panthera pardus): A case report
L. Ranganath, V. Mahesh, Dilip Kumar Das






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