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Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery; Year 2007, Volume-28, Issue-1 (June)

Research Articles

Comparative evaluation of DCP with PMMA plate for femur and radius fracture in dogs
H. Yuvaraj, D. Dilipkumar, B.V. Shivaprakash, S.M. Usturge

Acrylic external skeletal fixation for the treatment of long bone fracture in dogs
B. Julie, K.V. Syam, K. Rajankutty, K. Venugopalan, T. Sarada Amma

A new technique for the open reduction and stabilization of upward coxofemoral luxation in dogs
B.A. Buchoo, S.S. Rathor

Treatment of septic tenosynovitis in buffaloes: a clinical, haematobiochemical and microbial study
Sarvesh Kumar, V.K. Sharma, N.S. Jadon

Studies on influence of polypropylene mesh and nylon mesh on haematological and biochemical parameters during umbilical hernioplasty in calves
M.V. Santhosh, L. Ranganath, Shankaregowda

Clinical and haematobiochemical studies on ketamine and its combinations with diazepam, midazolam and xylazine for general anaesthesia in horses
V. Malik, B. Singh

Short Communications

Retrospective study of umbilical hernias in 37 horses in Saudi Arabia
M.R. Abdin-Bey, A.I. Al-Mubarak, R.O. Ramadan

Haemato-biochemical effects of epidural bupivacaine and fentanyl citrate in dogs
P.D.S. Raghuvanshi, S.S. Pandey, R.K. Sharma, S.P. Shukla

Clinical effects of propofol general anaesthesia in dogs
V. Sharma, M.K. Bhargava

Propofol-ether anaesthesia in dogs: biochemical studies
Reshma Jain, M.K. Bhargava, V.P. Chandrapuria, Apra Shahi, B.S. Gehlout

Stainless steel and acrylic external skeletal fixators as adjuncts to intramedullary pinning for femoral fracture repair in dogs
Chandy George, L. Nagarajan, B. Murali Manohar

Use of liquid nitrogen cryotherapy in veterinary practice: a report of 20 cases
J.K. Kasundra, P.H. Tank, D.B. Patil

Preoperative rumen fluid profile of buffaloes suffering from traumatic reticuloperitonitis
R.N. Chaudhary, Rishi Tayal, S.K. Chawla, S.M. Behl, Jit Singh

Ultrasonographic and radiographic diagnosis of canine urinary bladder neoplasia
Amandeep Singh, J. Mohindroo

Diagnostic ultrasonography as a non-invasive tool to evaluate wound healing in dogs
M.P. Laiju, C.B. Devanand, K.P. Sreekumar, K.D. John Martin, T. Sarada Amma

Clinical Articles

Repair of bilateral femur fractures with static intramedullary interlocking nailing in three dogs: a clinical report
Manpreet Singh, R.K. Yadav, M. Raghunath, S.S. Singh

Management of ruptured superficial digital flexor tendon using stay splint in a mule
Bapu Parasanalli, S.S. Thakral

Surgical management of antral pyloric hypertrophy in a dog
T.P. Balagopalan, N. Arul Jothi, R.M.D. Alphonse, B. Ramesh Kumar, V.N. Rao

Intraperitoneal macerated foetus in a dog
Chandy George, V. Mahesh, S. Dhanalakshmi, B.N. Nagaraja, M.S. Vasanth

Gastric trichobezoars in a goat (Capra hircus)
B. Justin William, R. Ganesh, A. Ramanathan, S. Halder, K. Ramanujam, H. Pushkin Raj, R. Suresh Kumar

An unusual case of reticulo-omasal obstruction in a cow
P.S. Chaudhary, V.V. Deshmukh, S.N. Desai, M.P. Baviskar






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