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 Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery; Year 2006, Volume-27, Issue-1 (June)

Review Articles

Nondegradable polymers as orthopaedic implants
B.V. Shivaprakash and G.R. Singh

Osteomedullography in veterinary orthopaedics
M.R. Fazili, S.K. Chawla, A.P. Singh and Jit Singh

Research Articles

Efficacy of fresh and preserved foetal cortical allografts in the repair of bone defects in dogs
K.U. Rajesh, V.K. Sharma and Amit Sharma

Radiocarpal arthrodesis using bone graft for the management of radial paralysis in dogs: clinical and radiographic evaluation
M.K. Narayanan, T.N. Ganesh, S. Thilagar and B. Vijayaraghavan

Studies on healing of urethral tissues after urethrorrhaphy and urethroplasty in dogs
B.R. Balappanavar, L. Ranganath, M.S.Vasanth and H.D. Narayanaswamy

Complications of manganese chloride used in buffaloes subjected to diaphragmatic herniorrhaphy
R.S. Bisla and Jit Singh

Evaluation of Zepp's aural resection and vertical ear canal ablation in the treatment of chronic otitis externa in dogs
K. Jagan Mohan Reddy, E.L. Chandra Shekhar, K.B.P. Reghavender, Y. Anjaneyulu, V. Gireesh Kumar and C. Latha

Short Communications

Premature closure of physis in growing dogs: clinical, haematobiochemical and radiographic changes
R.B. Kushwaha, H.P. Aithal, P. Kinjavdekar, Amarpal, A.M. Pawde, G.R.Singh and H.C. Setia

Ultrasonographic study of urinary bladder diseases in dogs
P. Kundu and D. Ghosh

Ultrasonographic features of abdominal disorders in three dogs
J. Mohindroo, Pallavi Verma, S.S. Singh, A. Anand, S.K. Mahajan, N. Singh, M. Choudhary, A. Kumar, M. Raghunath and A.S. Toor

Positive contrast radiography of gastrointestinal tract in goats
B.P. Chhadha and T.K. Gahlot

Radiographic evaluation of urolithiasis in dogs
I.S.Gatoria, N.S. Saini and M. Raghunath

Locomotory evaluation of mixed nerve paralysis in buffalo calves
Sunil Chaudhary and Harpal Singh

Management of rupture of caudal cruciate ligament in two dogs
Chandy George, Ravi Raidurg and M.S. Vasanth

Studies on surgical stress related to prepubertal gonadectomy
H. Biswas and S. Hazra

Epidural analgesia with fentanyl and xylazine in dogs
P.K. Lautre, S.S. Pandey, B.P. Shukla and S.P. Shukla

Sedative, haemato-biochemical and electrocardiographic studies following xylazine administration in neonate calves
S.K. Sharma, S.S. Misra, Adarsh Kumar, A.C. Varshney and Amit Kumar

Histomorphological evaluation of wound healing potential of Canisep in goats
Amresh Kumar, L.L. Dass, T. Anwar and Samir Sahay

Efficacy of Tagetes erecta as a wound healing agent in buffalo calves
D. Kumar, S.P. Sharma, A.K. Lugun, S. Shekhar and N. Kumar

Histomorphological changes during the process of wound healing with Luffa acutangula
M.V. Kamble, S.N. Patil, V.S. Panchabhai, A.G. Bandarkar, M.S. Dhakate and B.M. Gahlod

Evaluation of cruciate incision technique for correction of lower teat obstruction in buffaloes: an analysis of 580 clinical cases
M.K. Bhargava

Evaluation of oxidized regenerated cellulose in the prevention of induced intra-peritoneal adhesions in calves
N. Sridhar, D.B. Patil, N.H. Kelawala, P.V. Parikh and D.R. Barvalia

Clinical Articles

Management of an acquired contracture of fetlock in a mule
Vivek Malik, Sheshman, R.P. Pandey and Bharat Singh

Extra-mesenteric abscess in a dog
S.S. Singh, A. Kumar, N. Singh, P. Verma, J. Mohindroo and J.S. Cheema

Management of squamous cell carcinoma over the alar nasi fold in a pony mare
Hansraj Bhardwaj, Kapil Dev and K.K. Jakhar

External coaptation with orthoplast for treatment of radius-ulna fracture in a kangaroo
G.L. Ghosh, S.K. Nandi and B.K. Biswas

Bronchoscopy for removal of a tooth from the trachea in a bitch
V.P. Chandrapuria, Apra Shahi, Shobha Jawre and M.K. Bhargava

Surgical management of rectal leiomyoma in a crossbred cow
N.K. Sharma and Sunanda Sharma

Historical Note

History of veterinary science in Indian context
Jit Singh, Deepali Bujarbarua and Sukhbir Singh

Thesis Abstracts

Surgico-medical management of urolithiasis in goats
Ajay Kumar Dubey

Electroacupuncture and physiotherapy in the management of hindquarter weakness in dogs.
Arvind Kumar Sharma

Studies on the therapeutic potential of seabuckthorn (Hippophae sp.) seed and pulp oil in the healing of aseptic excisional cutaneous wounds in calves
R.K. Rana

Studies on aetiopathogenesis and surgical management of urolithiasis in goats
Tarunbir Singh

Glutaraldehyde preserved bovine pericardium and diaphragm in the repair of abdominal wall defects: An experimental study with and without ultrasound therapy in rabbits.
Kailash Babu

Percutaneous tube cystotomy and medical dissolution for treatment of obstructive urolithiasis in goats.
Manpreet Singh






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