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Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery; Year 2005, Volume-26, Issue-2 (December)

Review Articles

Restraint and anaesthesia in wild animals: A review
K.K. Sarma

Research Articles

Caprine urethral calculi: A scanning electron microscopic study
Tarunbir Singh, Amarpal, P. Kinjavdekar, H.P. Aithal, A.M. Pawde, K. Pratap, G.R. Singh and Satish Kumar

Haemodynamic effects of spinally administered ketamine and its combination with xylazine or medetomidine in goats
P. Kinjavdekar, G.R. Singh, Amarpal, H.P. Aithal, A.M. Pawde and G.S. Bisht

Evaluation of propofol alone and with ketamine for anaesthesia in atropinized goats
Samir Sahay and L.L. Dass

Application of in vitro cultivated tenoblasts for repair of damaged tendon in bovine
A. Sharma, V.K. Sharma, R. Chandra and A. Kumar

Evaluation of combination of anti-arthritic drug and therapeutic ultrasound in acute traumatic arthritis in equines
Navdeep Singh, K.I. Singh, K.S. Roy and S.K. Mahajan

Short Communications

Efficacy of seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) in the healing of cutaneous wounds in dogs
Manish Gupta, Mohinder Singh, A.C. Varshney, S.P. Tyagi and Amit Kumar

Effect of formaldehyde fumigation on bacterial count of air in operation theatres
S.K. Dahiya, Kuldip Singh and Anshu Sharma

Reversal effect of yohimbine on xylazine induced sedation in buffalo calves
M. Kandpal, N.S. Jadon, A. Kumar and K.A.P. Singh

Evaluation of modified paracentesis of anterior chamber and anthelmintics for the treatment of intra-ocular clinical Setariosis in horses
R.S. Bisla, S.S. Chaudhari and B.S. Beniwal

Clinical Articles

Use of high heeled bar shoe for management of rotation of third phalanx in a mare
Bapu Parasanalli

Goitre in a buffalo calf
S.P. Mouli

Uterine rupture in a Dachshund bitch
S. Thilagar, M.J. Zurin and P.K. Loh

Hemimelia in a mongrel dog
D. Nandi, R. Ranjan, Naveen Kumar, D. Swarup and R.C. Patra

Acupuncture therapy for management of posterior paresis in a sheep
A.K. Sharma, A.M. Pawde, O.P. Gupta, G.R. Singh, S.K. Maiti, R. Tiwary and H.C. Setia

Repair of tibial fracture in two peacocks by intramedullary pinning
T.K. Gahlot, Arun Kumar, P. Bishnoi, S.K. Jhirwal, G. Rajpurohit and S. Purohit






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