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Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery; Year 2004, Volume-25, Issue-2 (December)


Research Articles

Myelography for spinal affections with iohexol in dogs
Amritveer Kaur, S.S. Singh

Myelographic studies in dogs using iohexol and iopamidol
Pawan Kumar, L. Ranganath, B.N. Ranganath, M.S. Vasanth, S.M. Jayadevappa

Studies on halothane-isoflurane anaesthesia in dorsal and lateral recumbency in cattle
Md. Riazuddin, B.J. William, K. Ameerjan

Haemodynamics in cattle under halothane, isoflurane maintenance anaesthesia in dorsal and lateral recumbency
Md. Riazuddin, B.J. William, K. Ameerjan

Clinical effects of midazolam-ketamine and midazolam-thiopentone anaesthesia in bovines
Amandeep Kaur, S.S. Singh

Evaluation of therapeutic ultrasound (0.5 Watt/cm2 Vs 1.0 Watt/cm2) in bone healing in dogs: Clinical and radiographic studies
Amandeep Kaur, V.K. Sobti, J. Mohindroo

Comparative evaluation of skin closure with tissue adhesive and subcuticular sutures in female dogs: A microscopic study
Vandana Sanbwan, A.P. Singh, S.K. Nagpa, Jit Singh

Evaluation of Adhatoda vasica and Berberis aristata as wound healing agents in goats
Neetu Rajput, J.M. Nigamp, D.N. Srivastava, A.K. Katiyar

Assessment of ascorbic acid as an anti-oxidant in buffaloes during diaphragmatic herniorrhaphy
R.S. Bisla, Jit Singh, S.K. Chawla, D. Krishnarnurthy

Short Communications

Regional anaesthesia in yaks: A review of nerve block techniques
A.C. Varshney, Kulbhushan, P.N. Sharma, S.K. Sharma, M. Singh, J.M. Nigam

Effects of Semecarpus anacardium on nerve regeneration in buffalo calves
Sunil Chaudhary, Harpal Singh

Comparative evaluation of epineural and intraneural neurorraph of severed sciatic nerve in goat
I.V. Mogha, M. Hoque

Evaluation of combination of therapeutic ultrasound and anti-arthritic drug in experimental acute arthritis in equines
N. Singh, K.I. Singh

Intrahepatic porto-systemic shunt in dogs: Clinico-pathological observations
J.P. Varshney, M. Hoque, Pooja Tiwari, Samiran Bandyopadhyay, S. Soja Saghar

Radiographic artifacts: A retrospective study
Makkena Sreenu, R.V. Sureshkumar, M. Viswanatha Reddy, T.J. Prakash, V. Haragopal

Radiographic estimation of soft tissue swelling in electro-acupuncture treated arthritic buffalo calves
A.M. Pawde, O.P. Gupta, G.R. Singh, H.P. Aithal, H.C. Setia

Clinical Articles

Rehabilitation of a dog with bilateral femur fracture using a cart
J. Mohindroo, Jaspreet Singh, Mandeep Chaudhary, S.K. Mahajan, Manpreet Singh

An old case of lateral abdominal hernia in a mare
S.K. Dahiya, Vineet Butola

Cryosurgical management of stubborn ulcerated wounds in horses
Sangeeta Devi, L.L. Dass, Tajdar Anwar, Sanjay Kumar

Gun-shot injuries in thoraco-abdominal areas of dogs
P.D. Sharma, Prem Singh, V. Sangwan

Surgical management of seminoma in an ascitic dog
P.D. Sharma, Rakesh Kumar, S. Raheja, D. Krishnamurthy, K.K. Jakhar

Histiocytic cell sarcoma in a bullock
Siva Kumar, A.M. Pawde, O.P. Supta, G.R. Singh, N.S. Parihar




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