Volume 17        


July 1996



Review Article
Functional disorder of the stomach (vagus indigestion) in bovines : A review
      S.M. Bhel, Jit Singh and D. Krishnamurthy
Research Article
Therapeutic ultrasound (1 watt/cm2) in experimental acute traumatic arthritis in the equines
K.I. Singh, V.K. Sobti, A.K. Arora and R. Bhatia
Use of sodium iothalamate (conray-420) and iohexol (omnipaque-300) as contrast agents for the radiographic evaluation of the upper urinary tract in cats : A comparative study
      N.N. Balasubramanianl, B. Justin william, K.B.P.Raghvender and M.S. Dewan Muthu Mohammed.
Biomechanical and ultrastuctural studies on effects of electrical stimulation on experimental fracture healing in rabbits
     A. Oryan, A.H. Meinandi parizi and S. Dehghani
Repair of metatarsal and tibial fractures in hill bulls using a fabricated uniaxially dynamic full pin transfixation device: An experimental study 
    T.K. Pattanaik, G.R. Singh and I.V. Mogha
Short Communications
Effect of thiopental sodium anaesthesia and surgical stress on the disposition kinetics of sulphadiazine in dogs
    R.K. Chaudhary, K.K. Mirakhur and D.C. Dhablania
Histopathologic study on induced ischaemic and haemorrhagic intestinal strangulating obstruction in goats
    P.S. Parvathamma, O.P. Gupta, K. Charan and G.R. Singh
Serum transaminases in prolonged cases of uterine torsion in buffaloes
    K.S. Kuhad, D.K. Sharma, Prem Singh, R.S. Negi, N.S. Bugalia and B.M. Khanna
Haematological changes in excretory urographic studies in cats
    N.N. Balasubramanian, B. Justin William, K.B.P. Raghvender and M.S. Dewan Muthu Mohammad
Foot disorders in a goat farm
    Asit chakrabarti, Stephan Mathew and C.K. Thomas
Evaluation of xylazine and ketamine hydrochloride with and without diazepam in equines
    S.S. Pandey, V. Singh and B.P. Shukla
Anal saculectomy and cryosurgery for the treatment of perianal sinus in dogs
    Hemappa B. Kengannanvar, M.S. Vasanth and S.M. Jayadevappa
Fabrication of uniaxially dynamic full pin external fixator for cattle
    T.K. Pattanaik, G.R. Singh and I.V. Mogha
Detomidine hydrochloride and xylazine as preanaesthetics to ketamine anaesthesia in goats
    D. Dilip Kumar, A.K. Sharma, O.P. Gupta and Amarpal
Clinical Articles
Cervical salivary fistula in a rhesus monkey : A case report
    V.P. Chandrapuria, M.K. Bhargava and S.K. Pandey
Surgical repair of lacerated ventral abdominal wound in a Himalayan black bear (Ursus americanus) under xylazine-ketamine anaesthesia 
    Mohinder Singh, A.C. Varshney, S.K. Sharma and Vinay Gupta
Use of oxytetracycline in the treatment of arthrogryposis in a cross bred calf 
    S.K. Maiti, T.P. Parai and B.B. Srivastava
Management of bilateral fracture of metacarpals in a buffalo : A case report
    K.K. Gupta and P.S. Simran
Caesariotomy in a captive spotted deer (Axis axis)
    B. Bandyopadhyay 
Schistosoma reflexus in Fresian cows -Sire effect
    M.K. Hitlani, M.F. Sassi and A.I. Alazab
    Theses Abstracts 134
    Association News 144
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    Subject Index iii


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