Proceedings of ISVS GB Meeting



for the year 2017 

The General Body of ISVS was held on 16-12-2017, during 41st ISVS Symposium at College of Veterinary Science, SVVU, Tirupati. The following Executive Members were present. 

Sr. No.




Dr. Indramani Nath



Dr. R.M. Tripathi


Dr. D.B. Patil

Executive Secretary


Dr. Prem Singh

Joint Secretary


Dr. Deepak Kumar Tiwari



Dr. V.P. Chandrapuria (Central)

Zonal Secretaries


Dr. R.V. Suresh Kumar (South)


Dr. S.B. Akhare (West)


Dr. Gajraj Singh

Chief Editor


Dr. Amarpal



Members of ISVS

 The report of Executive Committee meeting held on 15-12-2017 was presented by Dr. D. B. Patil, Executive Secretary. The following agendas were discussed and approved in the General Body meeting.

 1.      Proceedings of 40th ISVS convention

The General Body approved the proceedings of the 40th Annual Congress of ISVS and National Symposium held at Madras Veterinary College, TANUVAS, Chennai (T.N.).

 2.      Auditors and account auditing and presentation of accounts by the Treasurer

The General Body approved the names of the auditors nominated by the Executive Committee to certify the ISVS account (2016-17). Thereafter, Dr. Deepak Kumar Tiwari (Treasurer, ISVS) presented the account of the society up to 13.12.2017.


a)      Dr. V.P. Chandrapuria      b)  Dr. M.S. Vasanth


The General Body approved the accounts presented by Dr. Deepak Kumar Tiwari (Treasurer, ISVS).


3.      Veterinary Ophthalmology Session Award

Veterinary Ophthalmology Session has been started from this year at Tirupati and hence, there will be Veterinary Ophthalmology Session Award. Thus in total Technical Session Awards are TEN.

 4.      Review of rules and regulations of existing awards

For ‘Anil Arun Chandna Surgeon of the year’ Award and ‘Best Clinician’ Award, Sponsors will be contacted for more clarity. Dr. Deepak Kumar Tiwari, Treasurer, ISVS, will contact the Sponsors. The status quo regarding regulations for Young Surgeon’s Award will be maintained.


5.      Rules and Regulations for institution of new awards

As decided earlier, a non-refundable minimum amount of Rupees One Lakh is to be deposited as Security. Further, ISVS reserves the right to decide the modalities of award.

 6.      Consideration for institution of new awards

a.       Mrs. Pathak requested for a new award in the name of Dr. S. C. Pathak. She had also deposited Rupees One Lakh as security money in the account of ISVS. Thus, the Executive Committee decided to designate the “Wildlife Session Award” for this cause (Courtesy by Dr. S.C. Pathak).

b.      Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has also requested for a new award as “Intas Award”. Thus, Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has been requested to deposit security amount of Rupees One Lakh as decided earlier.

7.      Updation of ISVS Directory on website

The Treasurer in association with Vice-Presidents and Zonal Secretaries will take up the matter for updation of the directory and other information on the website.


8.      Updation of ISVS Foot Prints (1977 onwards) on website

Dr. Deepak Kumar Tiwari, Treasurer and Dr. S.S. Makker, Website Developer will collaboratively make efforts to update the ISVS foot prints (1977 onwards) on the website.

 9.      Updation of ISVS constitution on website

The copy of updated constitution will be circulated to the members of Executive Committee and also uploaded on website for comments and its subsequent approval in GB at Navsari, 2018.


10.  Display of list of papers/ abstracts presented during symposium at website

It has been decided in the Executive Committee and approved by General Body that the list of papers/ abstracts presented in the Symposia will be displayed on the website from the next year (2018).

 11.  Exemption of registration fees for senior life members participating in the ISVS symposium

It has been approved by the General Body that the registration fees of senior ISVS life members above 70 years participating in the ISVS will be exempted.

 12.  Lead papers are to be delivered by senior eminent persons

The lead papers must be allotted to senior eminent persons. Consent and assurance to deliver the lead paper in person should also be taken prior to the allotment. The lead paper should not be delivered by any other person in absentia.

 13.  Organization of CE Programme as Pre Conference/  Workshop for 20-25 Veterinarians

The organizing secretary hosting Annual Congress of ISVS may arrange the conduct of CE Programme as Pre Conference/ Workshop. Dr. S. S. Makker and Dr. Nitin Bhatia has been entrusted the responsibility to garner the Field Veterinarians for participation in CE programme and ISVS Symposia in large mass.

 14.  Organization of 42nd and 43rd Annual Congress of ISVS (2018 and 2019)

It was decided in the Executive Committee and approved by General Body that the 42nd Annual Congress of ISVS for the year 2018 will be held at Navsari (Gujarat) and 43rd Annual Congress of ISVS for the year 2019 will be held at Hisar (Hisar). The dates and theme of the symposium will be finalized later in due course of time.

15.  Session Awards

The awards for various technical sessions were announced by Dr. Deepak Kumar Tiwari, Treasurer, which will be awarded in the business session of 42nd Annual Congress of ISVS at Navsari.

 16.  Constitution of Accreditation/other Committees

Various Committees are constituted as under for a period of FOUR YEARS.

A.    Rattan Singh Memorial Award

1)        Dr. O. Ramakrishna

2)        Dr. A.P. Singh

3)        Dr. S.S. Singh

B.     Oration Award

1)        Dr. S. M. Usturge

2)        Dr. B. Ramesh Kumar

3)        Dr. N.H. Kelawala

C.    Fellow ISVS

1)        Dr. S. Thilagar

2)        Dr. S.K. Chawla

3)        Dr. M.S. Vasanth

D.    Diplomate ISVS [To submit Report (feasibility and modalities) in three months]

1)        Dr. T.N. Ganesh

2)        Dr. M.S. Vasanth

3)        Dr. J. Mohindroo

 17.  Formulation of New Executive Committee (2018-19)

Dr. P.E. Kulkarni presided over the process for election of new office bearers of ISVS and conducted the election by consensus. Thereafter, the newly elected body as given below was installed at the end of General Body Meeting:


Ø  President:                               Dr. Gajraj Singh

Ø  Vice-Presidents:                     Dr. M.S. Vasanth

Dr. Ravi Sunder George

Dr. R.V. Suresh Kumar

Dr. Sunil Tumariya

Ø  Executive Secretary:             Dr. D.B. Patil

Ø  Joint Secretary:                     Dr. Prem Singh

Ø  Treasurer:                              Dr. Deepak Kumar Tiwari

Ø  Zonal Secretaries:                  Dr. Navdeep Singh (North)

Dr. S. Dharmaceelan (South)

Dr. J.L. Kushwaha (Central)

Dr. Asit Kumar Maji (East)

Dr. Divyesh N. Kelawala (West)

Ø  Chief Editor:                                     Dr. Amarpal

Ø  Editor:                                    Dr. Hari Prasad Aithal

Ø  Associate Editor:                   Dr. Abhishek Chandra Saxena

 The meeting ended with vote of thanks.



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