A Glimpse of Selected Surgeries Published in IJVS


Scortal hernia in a limb; cadual view. Oesophageal lumen showing the ileal segmental graft (arrow) between the irregular edges of oesophageal mucosa (in situ). Biopsy of Liver using laparoscope guided biopsy forceps.
Fig. A              Fig. B 


Buffalo with large pendulous tumorous mass behind the right elbow. Positive contrast radiography of urethra showing slight increase in the urethral diameter (arrow) at urethrotomy site.
Fig. A Mediolateral osteomedullogram of metacarpus. Tourniquet method with contrast material infused in proximal end (Star indicates needle). Black arrows show straight course of endosteal medullary vein. Note absence of demarcation of central ascending medullary vein.

Fig. B Medial-lateral osteomedullogram of metacarpus. Compression method and contrast material infused in distal end (Star = needle). Long arrow = central ascending medullary vein. Short arrows = endosteal medullary veins.

Re-Growth of prenuptial sarcoid following the first surgical excision.

 Sutured teat wound with simple interrupted pattern.

Fixation of prosthetic tube in teat with adhesive tape.

Hard, lobulated, smooth surfaced pedunculated mass (8cm x 5 cm).

 Cloacal prolapse in turtle

Sutures applied at the base of cloaca in Turtle
Abscess on the spleen

 Large fluctuating mass protruding from the laparotomy wound in Dog.

Thick cystic wall adhered to the urinary bladder in Dog



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