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                                                            In this Age of Information Technology and Internet, if anyone or a  Veterinarian does not updates himself/herself with the latest information & various techniques He is certainly stand to loose out on critical information in diagnosis, treatment, and management that can make all the difference between curing the animal or otherwise. something which may be very helpful for  him /her in managing a hospital or clinics, or dairy farm or stud farm or Poultry farm .

                                       If one wants to look for information about something on the Internet, he/she is required to precede in a very systematic way other wise he/she is likely to be lost in the vast ocean of knowledge. Though this article may  not be complete in itself but we have  tried our best to incorporate the most visited and also the most useful of the various sites available on the internet. Still there are many more to be explored and the list of sites will always need continuous updating. But this article will be of special help to the beginners or the ones who find themselves trapped in the knowledge from all the four sides.

                                       If you don't know where to look for the information on a particular topic then you can go for the following search engines.

General Search Engines

A web search engine is a very useful and time saving tool for a net surfer while looking for a particular topic of interest on the World Wide Web. The user just need to feed in the key words of his/her interest and the engine gives a probable list of the site or web pages that may be of interest for the surfer. A small description is also provided with the address of the page. However the user has to decide which pages are fulfilling his/her need.

Yahoo (
AOL Search (

Excite (
Google (
Lycos (
WebCrawler (
InfoSeek Guide (
HotBot (
Or you can search the net by using many of the available Meta Search Engines, which relate a number of search engines available on the net. Some of the most widely used Meta search engines include the following.

Meta Search Engines

Some search engines are specific in their action like: -

Pharmaceuticals and Health Related Search Engines

Scientific Information Search Engines

Web Index

These can be considered, as catalogues on the Internet that organizes information resources available on the World Wide Web. These indexes help the surfer to identify the resources of interest and also to get directly linked to these. However as the law of nature goes for all, and so for these indexes also, no index so far available is complete in itself. But some of the most widely visited web indexes are: -

Comprehensive information regarding the veterinary colleges in various countries can be obtained from the following site.

However individual colleges have their own site on the World Wide Web and they can be accessed for more specific information regarding various aspects of the respective colleges.

Veterinary Colleges (Abroad)

Comprehensive information regarding the veterinary colleges in various countries can be obtained from the following site.

However individual colleges have their own site on the World Wide Web and they can be accessed for more specific information regarding various aspects of the respective colleges.

Veterinary Medicine

There are various sites on the net, which can provide very comprehensive information about various aspects of veterinary medicine and other streams concerned to it. A veterinarian can visit these sites for gathering latest information about various branches of veterinary science. [Online Notes]
(Preventive Medicine) (Poultry Science] [Parasitology] [Parasitology] [Surgery] [Pathology & Microbiology] [Pathology]
http://www.oncolink.upenn [Oncology] [Microbiology] [Genetics]

Alternative Medicine

As per a rough estimate about 80% of the population in the developing countries largely use traditional and other forms of treatment for themselves and also for the animals. With such a scenario, future for the field of alternative medicine may it be ayurveda, acupuncture or homeopathy is bound to be promising and so we have included web sites giving wide spanning information giving web-site on alternative medicine.

Sites related to homoeopathy in veterinary medicine

Sites related to holistic medicine

Sites related to veterinary acupuncture therapy


Sites related to herbal medicine

Sites related to other new therapies [oxygen therapy] [aroma therapy]


Due to the large number of books available on various topics of veterinary science it is not possible for any one library to have all the relevant books on a particular subject and so looking in to different libraries for the desired text has become a necessity.

Online libraries are a very good and fruitful solution to this problem where the student can have a look into the books at a library anywhere around the world and can even download chapters or even the entire book. We can say, the world of knowledge is coming to the desktop. health.html


Information about the various publications in the field of veterinary science can be easily obtained from the individual web-site of the publication house but there are some sites available where information for almost all the publications are available at a single glance.

Sites for Books -

Sites for Journals Home/Animal/
http://www. medvet.

Other sites related to publications

Areas of Research

There is tremendous potential for research in the field of veterinary science. It's up to the potential of the student and his zeal to do hard work which pays in the end. Though, the information regarding the various fields in which research can be undertaken can best be gathered from the university or the institute from where the student is doing his/her higher studies. But these sites will still help the student to get an idea about the latest that is going on in the world of veterinary science.


These sites will be of use for a veterinarian in deciding what he can do after completing his/her graduation/post graduation and these can also guide the budding veterinarian regarding where to look for. Though there are many web-site which specializes in giving information about the various career options and vacancies in various organizations but the below listed are the ones which are most preferred by the students.

Veterinary ethics

like in other professional fields, ethics occupy a remote seat in the mind of veterirarians. but sometimes they do occupy the center stage and at that moment of time, these sites may be of immence use for all of us. Though books are also available for this but for a quick reference for the various rules and regulations, these sites will prove to be a handy reference.

Animal Welfare

In a country where animal welfare is a part of life there are various sites available providing information about the various organizations related and engaged in this noble act. We veterinarians Gan play a key role in such organizations. Some having zeal to work in such NGOs can take these as their career also.

Pet Care

Pet animals constitute the largest sector of veterinary clinical practice in the cities. Ever owner coming -to the veterinarian for the complete care of his or her pets has many queries regarding the management of his/her pet. A veterinarian can refer to the numerous gites available on the Internet regarding the care of pet animals and increase his or her knowledge.


Exotic Pets



Other Pets

Veterinary Software
With the growing influence of computers and software in the day to day life, veterinary science has remained no exception. These days software are available for almost every field related to veterinary science right from hospital management to preliminary diagnosis.
More information about the new and latest software's can be obtained from the following sites.

With the increasing awareness about the health and conservation of the wild life wealth of the country and the world, wild life veterinarians are in great demand. This field is coming up as a new and a challenging career option for the veterinarians who wish to do something new and challenging. (Wild life care) (primates) (reptiles) (birds)

Veterinary Associations

There are various associations, which may be of interest for veterinarians.

Websites of these associations may provide compressive information about their field of work and also how to join them. Some organizations are very specific in there objectives.

Other sites of Interest
There is no end to the list of websites available on the Internet which can prove to be of great interest and also a source of knowledge, but some are the best of the best and the authors recommend that every veterinarian should surf through these sites at least once. These will prove to be a real interest generating sites for the beginners.

Though the Internet has made the search for information in this world easier but the place books occupy will remain the way they are. Searching on the Internet is easier and convenient. We can have access to a lot of information from various sources at the same time and can choose the best place to look for the desired information.Some of more Links are:--

  • AAHA Healthypet - Pet care resources by the American Animal Hospital Association to find a veterinarian, veterinary clinic or animal hospital for pets and provide pet care tips to pet owners.
  • Alaska Science Forum: Cats, Dogs and Other Pets - Articles on color genetics, animal senses, and other topics.
  • Allexperts Veterinarian Q&A - Vets and Vet assistants answer your questions about the health of your pet for free. Get quick answers to your questions.
  • American Red Cross Disaster Services - Discusses need for pet owners to devise disaster plans so pets are protected if evacuation is necessary. Offers first aid tips.
  • Animal Allergy and Dermatology Services of Connecticut - Here you can find out about the services, meet doctors and staff, read about health issues, answers to the most frequently asked questions, directions to the offices.
  • Animal Doc Com - For kids who would like to be veterinarians. Pet health and care information, puzzles and contests.
  • Animal Health Facts - Timely animal health information for concerned pet owners. Leading veterinary journal articles and conference notes are summarized into a concise, easy to read format.
  • Are we overvaccinating our pets ? - Links to veterinarian sites discussing vaccination protocols,latest trends,rise in autoimmune diseases,nosodes, and efficacy of certain vaccinations.
  • AVMA Care for Pets - About animal health, safety; pet loss, buying a pet. Information on veterinarians.
  • Drs. Foster and Smith PetEducation - Articles on pet healthcare from the well-known pet supply company.
  • Extended Years - Provides advice for a healthy lifestyle which can extend your Dog's life. Ask the Vet on-line and products for the health of your pet.
  • Family Pet Clinic - Provides an online interactive database for diagnosing your pets ailments. As well as discussion forums, case studies, and other pet health issues.
  • - Informational about fevers and how to treat and monitor them.
  • The Final Solution for Fleas - This site describes in detail how fleas live and multiply, as well as the diseases that they spread. But most important, it tells how to get rid of them permanently in the least harmful way to your environment.
  • First Aid For Pets - Brought to you by pet first aid professionals. Browse online for courses in the U.S and Canada as well as find good general tips on pet first aid.
  • Galen's Garden - Offers health care information for rabbits and guinea pigs including herbs, homoeopathy, nutrition, and common ailments.
  • Genitrix, For A Broader Range of Veterinary Therapies - Informational site discussing many aspects of veterinary medicine of interest to pet-owners and enabling them to make an informed choice of therapies for their animals.
  • Laser Les - Laser Surgery for Pets including Laser declaw are discussed. A list of veterinarians in the Mid-Atlantic that offer Laser Technology is included.
  • Messageboard Links for Pets - Links to pet forums concerning health issues such as cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, CRF, FELV, nutrition, stones, cosequin, homeopathy, vaccinations and behavioral problems.
  • Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd. - Offers a program and Capstar flea control for cats and dogs. Information about getting rid of fleas on your pet and in your home.
  • The Pet Apothecary - We specializes in the preparation of veterinary custom prescriptions.
  • Pet Behavior Problems - Animal behavior problems are common and one of the biggest reasons that people give up their animals or treat them harshly. By treating behavior problems it is possible to enhance the relationship between and person and their companion animal and prevent further damage.
  • Pet Center - Veterinary health topics about dogs and cats. Spay and neuters, bone surgery, and advice about euthanasia. An online tour of a cyber-animal hospital.
  • The Pet Web Library - Informational materials on some of the most common medical concerns of pet dogs & cats.
  • PetFit - Provides the information you need to help your dog or cat maintain optimum weight, from Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.
  • Petfood For Boneheads - Explanation of commercial petfoods. Includes ingredient definitions, and nutritional information; with opinion.
  • Pets with Disabilities - Support group for people facing the everyday challenges of taking care of a pet who faces physical limitations.
  • PetSleep - A professional and caring pet euthanasia service in the privacy of your home.
  • Protecting Your Pet - How to protect your pet from heatstroke, accidents, household dangers, insects, and attacks from animals.
  • Provet Pet Healthcare Information - Provides free pet health care advice with breed-specific information. Includes information for kids, veterinarians, farmers, teachers and an online catalogue.
  • Sarah's Vet Page - Comprehensive links for dog, cat, horse, and livestock breeds, health and training. A just for kids page, links to readers' homepages, and a site of the week. Created by a veterinary technology student.
  • Veterinary Advice For Free - The vets' advice concerning dogs and cats in the UK, for free. Medical or surgical problems. Ask questions by e-mail.
  • Veterinary Surgery and Physical Therapy - Current information on the diagnosis, prognosis, and advanced treatment options for common surgical diseases afflicting dogs and cats. Physical therapy and alternative rehabilitation methods for dogs and cats.

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Veterinary Surgery Fossum Anatomic Basis of Tumor Surgery (Second Edition) [#4] Rapidshare Download Anatomic Basis of Tumor Surgery (Second Edition) [#4] ... - Cached

7.     Hayle Vets Surgery Home|In Sickness And In Health|

Sarah And Steve always want to have a personal and friendly feel to Hayle Veterinary Surgery which is reflected in the people and residents of the local ... - Cached - Similar

8.     Free website for veterinary surgery (120 video) - Business Exchange

7 Oct 2008 ... This website ( has more than 120 video of operations under conditions where limited facilities are available... - Cached - Similar

9.     Veterinary Surgery, Veterinary Surgical, Medical Light, Magnifying ...

Veterinary Surgery Spotlight, Veterinary Surgical Spot Light, Examination Light, Surgical Light For Vet Clinics, Animal Hospitals. - Cached - Similar

10.                Innisfail/Tully Veterinary Surgery

Your online Super pet Store packed with literally thousands of pet health articles and products. - Cached - Similar

1.     Vet, Vets in Cardiff, South Glamorgan - Cumines Veterinary Surgery ...

Cumines Veterinary Surgery - 4 Evansfield Road, Llandaff North, Cardiff CF14 2FA. - Cached - Similar

2.     Mid-Atlantic Animal Specialty Hospital - Referral Veterinary Surgery

A Veterinary Referral Hospital Dedicated to Advanced Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Ophthalmology, and Physical Rehabilitation for Small Animals. ... - Cached - Similar

3.     Veterinary Surgery pictures from dogs photos on webshots

Veterinary Surgery pictures published by pinnygig. - Cached - Similar

4.     Acorn House Vets Practice

2 Sep 2009 ... We are a mainly small animal veterinary practice on the edge of Bedford. We have a team of 10 vets, 15 nurses, a practice manager and 5 ... - Cached - Similar

5.     Arbury Road Veterinary Surgery - Homepage

Arbury Road Veterinary Surgery offers high standards of animal care in a relaxed and friendly environment. The surgery is open 8.30am-7pm Monday to Friday ... - Cached - Similar

6.     Pacific Veterinary Surgery Services

Pacific Veterinary Surgery Services offers veterinarians and animal hospitals a wide array of in-house surgical procedures to help meet their patients ... - Cached

7.     Gower Vets, Swansea. Gower Veterinary Surgery, Upper Killay ...

Gower Vets in Swansea. A friendly, small animal veterinary practice based in Upper Killay, Swansea. - Cached - Similar

8.     Veterinary Specialists & Orthopedic Surgery. Knoxville, TN

Contact our veterinary specialists and surgeons in Knoxville, Tennessee, for professional orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. - Cached - Similar

9.     Meadowbank Veterinary Surgery

2 Aug 2010 ... Meadowbank Veterinary Surgery, Selston, Nottinghamshire - Treating Cats, Dogs, other Small Animals and Horses. - Cached - Similar

10.                St Ives Veterinary Surgery

A small friendly companion animal Veterinary practice in St Ives, Cornwall. This site has advice on petcare, careers and more. - Cached - Similar

1.     Hollyoak Veterinary Surgery

Many of you have told us that this area is long overdue for it's very own Veterinary Surgery. We promise the wait will have been worth it! ... - Cached - Similar

2.     Springwell Veterinary Surgery, Tring, Hertfordshire.

About Springwell Veterinary Surgery in Tring, Hertfordshire. - Cached - Similar

3.     Veterinary Surgery, Home Vets, At Home Vets, Vets In Tamworth ...

Veterinary Surgery, vets, At Home Vets offer pet care in Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK with services including vaccination, neutering and surgery, local home ... - Cached - Similar

4.     Compendium of general veterinary surgery. | Kramer, M ...

by M Kramer
CABI Abstract | Compendium of general veterinary surgery. | This concise textbook is aimed at young veterinary surgeons and those in the clinical semester ...

5.     Forest Veterinary Surgery

18 May 2010 ... Forest Veterinary Centre is a small animal veterinary practice in Essex with branches in Epping, Woodford Bridge and Harlow. ... - Cached - Similar

6.     Veterinary & Animal Health Jobs

Associate Veterinarian Job at Westover Animal Clinic, Chicopee, Massachusetts · Small Animal Veterinary Surgery at Brightheart Veterinary Referral And ER ... - Cached - Similar

7.     Iveagh Veterinary Surgery

Large and small animal practice located in Banbridge. Provides details of the services and facilities, the vets, staff, location and office hours. - Cached - Similar

8.     Heathside Vets Locks Heath | Veterinary Surgery

Heathside Veterinary Surgery Locks Heath - Providing first class clinical care for your pets. - Cached - Similar

9.     Iberia Images - images of Portugal & southern Spain - Vip ...

VIP veterinary surgery. tags: VIP veterinary surgery Dr. Lars Rahmquist Dr. Geoffery Platt Dr. Scott Miller. back to album · web: dynafish. - Cached

10.                Small Animal Surgery Textbook 3rd edition| US Elsevier Health Bookshop

Theresa Welch Fossum, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl ACVS - Small Animal Surgery Textbook - Hardcover - Enjoy Free Shipping! - United States - Cached

1.     Blackness Veterinary Surgery

Small animal practice in Dundee. Provides information about location, staff, fees and everyday running of the practice as well as pointers on caring for ... - Cached - Similar

2.     Ascot Veterinary Surgery Brisbane

License Information: Queensland Board of Veterinary Surgeons. This place is a building. Category: veterinary clinic / surgery , vet , veternary ... - Cached

3.     veterinary surgery - photo/picture definition at Photo Dictionary ...

29 Mar 2010 ... veterinary surgery - photo/picture definition at Photo Dictionary - veterinary surgery word and phrase defined by its image in jpg/jpeg. - United States - Cached

4.     IngentaConnect Table Of Contents: Veterinary Surgery

Intraoperative Extracorporeal Irradiation for Limb Sparing in 13 Dogs pp. 446-456(11) Authors: Julius M. Liptak; William S. Dernell; B. Duncan X. Lascelles; ...

5.     Twickenham Vets: Coming Soon

TWICKENHAM VETERINARY SURGERY We can be contacted on 0208 898 0528 or email - Cached

6.     Forest House Veterinary Surgery :: RCVS Accredited :: A vet ...

As a RCVS Accredited vet practice, Forest House Veterinary Surgery provides a full range of services for dogs, cats, rabbits, other small animals, ... - Cached - Similar

7.     Hook Norton Veterinary Surgery - Vets for Hook Norton, Deddington ...

Small animal, equine and farm animal practice with surgeries at Hook Norton, Charlbury and Deddington, Oxfordshire. - Cached - Similar

8.     Veterinary educational Resources: by Dr Rajesh Banga

Has lots of online veterinary educational reseources in the form of veterinary links... - Cached - Similar

9.     Veterinary Surgery - Medical Books - /veterinary_medicine ...

17 Apr 2006 ... A highly illustrated, comprehensive book that covers most all aspects of veterinary surgery, from sterile technique to bone surgery to ... - Cached

10.                veterinary surgery - Free Online eBook Collection

veterinary surgery pdf, veterinary surgery ebook, veterinary surgery downloads. - Cached

1.     Shank's® Veterinary Equipment Inc

Dorsal/Lateral Equine Surgery Table · Cylinder Base · Scissor Base · Dorsal/Lateral Table Accessories · Floor Model Equine Surgery Table · Stationery Model ... - Cached - Similar

2.     Ark Veterinary Centre

Small animal practice in Speke and Woolton, Liverpool, Merseyside. Site offers information about services, consultation prices, and dog and cat ... - Cached - Similar

3.     IMEX Vet | Learn | Reference Articles

Veterinary Surgery. Volume 35, Number 2, Page 161-167. ... Veterinary Surgery. Volume 31, Issue 2, Page 181-188. Welch RD, Lewis DD. ... - Cached

4.     Bill Bowler Veterinary Surgery

Bill Bowler Veterinary Surgery provides quality compassionate vet care for cats, dogs, rabbits, small pets, horses and farm animals. - Cached - Similar

5.     The Lord Whisky Sanctuary Fund / Park House Animal Sanctuary

(Please note that our Veterinary Clinics do not open on Bank Holidays. ... Cattery / Kennels - Low-Income Veterinary Surgery - Frequently Asked Questions ... - Cached - Similar

6.     Adelaide Plains Veterinary Surgery, 94 Old Port Wakefield Rd Two ...

Business profile: Adelaide Plains Veterinary Surgery, 94 Old Port Wakefield Rd Two Wells SA 5501, 5501,Australia, (08) 8520 3600 - veterinary surgeons, ... - United States - Cached - Similar

7.     Hall Veterinary Surgery

Hall Veterinary Surgery. A passion for pets and their people. - Cached - Similar

8.     Tropical veterinary surgery

by A Littlejohn - 1971 - Related articles
veterinary surgery despite the fact that surgical disciplines and ..... The influence of social and economic factors on the practice of veterinary surgery ... - Similar

9.     How to learn basic hemostatic technique in veterinary surgery ...

4 Mar 2010 ... Learn basic hemostatic technique in veterinary surgery |► Some bleeding is to be expected from any procedure when even the most skilled ... - Cached

10.                Welcome to Bath Vet Group

Includes site with wide range of advice notes in addition to services offered, locations and staff profiles. - Cached - Similar

1.     Category:Veterinary surgery - Wikimedia Commons

4 Jan 2010 ... Media in category "Veterinary surgery". The following 43 files are in this category, out of 43 total. Animal lab.JPG 2474194 bytes ... - Cached - Similar

2.     Veterinary Surgery-Veterinary Surgery Manufacturers, Suppliers and ...

Veterinary Surgery Manufacturers & Veterinary Surgery Suppliers Directory - Find a Veterinary Surgery Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Veterinary ... - Cached


by RJ GARDNER - 1991 - Cited by 8 - Related articles
may perform a wide range of other types of surgery. Veterinarians and their ..... exposures over the working period during veterinary surgery were higher ...

4.     Lamington Terrace Veterinary Surgery

Lamington Vet Clinic in Nambour offers desexing & vaccinations, Radiography and Laboratory services, Preventative Health Care for Puppies & Kittens, ... - Cached - Similar

5.     Beech House Veterinary Centre

Welcome to our Veterinary Practice. The Beech House Veterinary Centre is based in Bitterne, with a branch surgery at Coldeast (Park Gate). ... - Cached - Similar

6.     Equine Veterinary Journal : Equine Veterinary Education : EVJ ...

Equine Veterinary Journal, Equine Veterinary Education and EVJ Equine Bookshop. ... keep up to date with the latest developments in medicine and surgery. ... - Cached - Similar

7.     VeterinarySurgeryCenter-home

We are a progressive small animal veterinary surgical referral practice located in Oklahoma City, close to Edmond. Since 1986 our board certified surgeons ... - Cached - Similar

8.     ResearchSEA - Launch of "Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery"

Alternatives to animal experiments in teaching and research; Ischaemia – Implications in veterinary surgery; Osteomedullography of tibia in dogs; ... - Cached - Similar

9.     Veterinary Surgery | Monarch Veterinary Hospital, Laguna Niguel CA

Laguna Niguel veterinarians offering veterinary surgery, orthopedic surgery and laser surgery for your pet at Monarch Veterinary Hospital in Laguna Niguel ... - Cached

10.                Bishops Veterinary Surgery - home

18 Jun 2005 ... This site provides useful information about our veterinary surgery and the services we offer. It will enable you to access a broad range of ... - Cached

1.     VIP veterinary surgery, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Vets surgery in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal provides first class health care to the Algarve's pets, offering quality veterinary medicine with a friendly face. - Cached - Similar

2.     | Potton Veterinary Surgery | Veterinary surgeons for Biggleswade ...

Veterinary practice providing treatment for pets, located in Potton, Bedfordshire. Provides details of services offered, facilities and opening hours and ... - Cached - Similar

3.     Vet, Vets, Animal Hospital & Veterinary Practice in Newport ...

Astonlee Veterinary Hospital and Surgery was established in 1986 and is owned by Mr Paul Manning who has over 20 years veterinary experience, The practice ... - Cached - Similar

4.     Vetrica Veterinary Surgery

Includes details of surgery hours, emergency treatment, monthly payment plan and fees. - Cached - Similar

5.     Teneriffe Veterinary Surgery - pet care advice, products and ...

Teneriffe Veterinary Surgery, a world of online Pet Care! Your link to professional pet care advice, information and products for pets. Ask the Vet a ... - Cached - Similar

6.     John Hankinson Veterinary Clinic Ltd London - Home

18 Aug 2010 ... This site provides useful information about our veterinary surgery and the services we offer. It will enable you to access a broad range of ... - Cached

7.     Veterinary Surgery in West London : C J Hall Veterinary Surgery

For you local Veterinary Surgery in West London, contact CJ Hall Vets today. - Cached - Similar

8.     Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center

When your pet needs specialty or emergency care, visit PVSEC in our brand new, state-of-the-art facility, featuring board-certified veterinary specialists, ... - Cached - Similar

9.     Brighton Veterinary Surgery - pet care and farm animal advice ...

Your Online Pet Information Pet Portal, with Pet health information written by Australian Vets for Australian pets. Online Purchases and deliveries ... - Cached - Similar

10.                Highfield Veterinary Centre in Sheffield for Pet Health.

Highfield Veterinary Centre in Sheffield for pet health and pet veterinary treatment. - Cached





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