GADVASU Ludhiana

Department of Surgery and Radiology,

Centre of Advanced Faculty Training

COVS, GADVASU, Ludhiana-141004(Punjab), INDIA

About the Department

The Department was established in 1969 as the Department of Surgery and Gynaecology. In October, 1976 it was bifurcated into two independent departments i.e. Department of Surgery & Radiology and Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics. The Department of Surgery & Radiology was recognized as Centre of Advanced Studies (CAS) of ICAR in 1995. The department has three main areas of work viz. Surgery, Anaesthesia and Radiology. The department has well established small and large animal anaesthesia, small and large animal radiology unit including Computerized Radiography (CR) system and ultrasonography unit including Doppler and echocardiography facilities. The department has made significant contributions in the large and small animal surgery pioneering in surgical treatment of diaphragmatic hernia in buffaloes. Long bone fracture management in small and large animals including intramedullary interlocking nailing for long bone fracture fixation in dogs and bovine  was started first time in India at this institute. (Urolithiasis and general anaesthesia in small and large animal’s radiography including reticulography in bovines). Ultrasonography of canine abdomen and ultrasonography of bovine fore-stomach including ultarsonographic diagnosis of diaphragmatic hernia and omasal impaction in bovines  were first reported  kind from this department. Faculty of this Department has won many prestigious national and international awards in different areas of research. The Centre of Advanced Studies is now designated as Centre of Advanced Faculty Training (CAFT). Under Advanced Faculty Training the department has conducted 18 trainings and trained more than 225 scientists/teachers working in SVU’s, SAU’s / ICAR institutes. Department has successfully hosted national congress of Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery at Ludhiana on topic of ‘Advances in Veterinary Surgery in pets and farm animals’ from 18-20 Feb, 1991 and  international congress on the topic  of ‘Current trends in diagnostic imaging and management of surgical affections in dairy animals’ from 11-13 Nov.,   2009.


·         To provide training to the Undergraduate and Post Graduate students

·         Research in the field of Veterinary Surgery, Radiology and Anaesthesia  

·         To develop facilities to function as Center of Advanced Faculty Training 

·         To conduct advanced trainings regularly as and when sanctioned by ICAR 

·         To provide quality service to the farming community and pet owners 


·  Surgical treatment of domestic (large and small) and wild/zoo animals.

·  Research on diagnosis and economical surgical treatment of important diseases of domestic animals.

·  To conduct quality research in the field of Veterinary Surgery,  Anesthesia & Radiology

Thrust Areas

Large Animals:          

  • Muscoloskeletal Disorders  Research on diagnostic aids and surgical treatment of musculo-skeletal and abdominal disorders in large animals 
  • Fore stomach Disorders and Abdominal disorders  Strategies to mitigate (prevention and clinical interventions) abdominal disorders in dairy animals  
  • Anaesthesia  
  • Diagnostic Imaging  

Small Animals :

  • Orthopaedic surgery : 
  •  Soft Tissue Surgery: 
    • Urolithiasis
    • Thoraco-abdominal affections
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Anesthesia

Research Achievements

Imaging techniques

  • Standardization of the procedure of ultrasonography and air-tendography of tendon and ligaments(First report of its Kind)
  • Introduced ultrasonography for the diagnosis of Diaphragmatic Hernia in Buffaloes. The report was first of its kind in the world
  • Reported Ultrasonographic features of normal and impacted omasum in cows and buffaloes (First report)
  • Standardization of ultrasonography for diagnosis of reticular omasal and abomasal disorders in bovine.
  • Ultrasonographic diagnosis and surgical treatment of perireticular abscess in bovines.
  • Standardization of diagnostic procedure for evaluation of urinary tract infections
  • Comparative evaluation of Ulrasonography and radiography for diagnosis of urinary tract affection in canines.
  • Standardization of ultrasonography for diagnosis of various abdominal affections in canines.
  • Standardization of the techniques of fine needle aspiration biopsy and ultrasound guided biopsy in domestic animals


  • Development of general anesthetic combinations like haloperidol-thiopentone and midazolam-thiopentone in animals. 
  • Evaluation of Butorphanol - Acepromazine - Glycopyrrolate and Butorphanol – Midazolam - Glycopyrrolate as preanaesthetic for general anaesthesia in canines

General Surgery

  • Use of staples for skin suturing in small animals.
  • Use of various antineoplastic drug combinations for the treatment of canine mammary tumors
  • Surgical management of obstructive urolithiasis in domestic animals.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

  • Standardization of  techniques for preservation and use of tendon grafts using plasma and deep frozen technique
  • Use of amniotic membrane for prevention of peri-tendinous adhesion formation
  • Management of calcaneal fractures in dogs and found out that orthopedic wiring (a new technique) was the best among various other internal fixation techniques like lag screw, tension band wiring and plating for management of such fractures.
  • Development of a diagnostic protocol for hip disorders in dogs and application of goniometry and distraction radiography for early diagnostic tools for hip disorders.
  • Designing, development and standardization of Intramedullary Interlocking nailing technique for long bone fracture fixation in dogs and  bovines (First time in India)
  • Use of autogenous periosteal and fascia lata grafts for resurfacing trochleoplasties for treatment of patellar luxation in dogs.
  • Efficacy of different screws for Static Intramedullary Interlocking nailing in dogs

Ophthalamic Surgery

  • Diagnosis and management of eye affections in canines, management of mammary and other tumours in dogs

Extension Program

  • Ambulatory services to the adopted villages and gaushalas
  • Advisement to the farmers during Pashu Palan Melas at the university  for the management of surgical affections at the field level
  • Time to time visit to the nearby Zoo’s to conduct surgeries
  • Day to day treatment of surgical ailments of small and large animals presented to the GADVASU Veterinary Clinics and teaching hospital


  • Large Animal Surgery and Small Animal Surgery
  • Small and Large animal X-Ray machines      
  • Computerized Radiographic Unit                                          
  • Large and Small Animal Ultrasound machine, Doppler ultrasound/ Echocardiographic unit
  • Boyle’s Anesthesia machine
  • Large Animal Anaesthesia Work Station and Dragger Anesthesia apparatus
  • Facility for Intermittent Positive Pressure ventilation (Bird’s anesthesia machine)
  • Bed Side Monitor, Pulse Oximeters and Multi Channel ECG machine       
  • Intramedullary Interlock Nailing                                                                    
  • ECG machine
  • Physiotherapy unit 
  • Computer Laboratory with Closed Circuit Television System for UG & PG teaching
  • Departmental Library with latest collection of books
  • Small animal dentistry unit


  • Dr. Swami Nath Iyer Memorial Award/Gold Medal by the Indian  Veterinary  Association for the best  clinical article, “Successful   Repair of  Diaphragmatic Hernia in Buffaloes – Analysis Of 42 Cases” in the year 1977-78. (Team award to Drs. B. Prasad, Jit  Singh, Rama Kumar V., S.N. Sharma and R.N. Kohli) 
  • Plaque was awarded by PAU to Drs. B. Prasad & Dr. Jit Singh for research on Diaphragmatic hernia in buffaloes (1976-77). 
  • Dr. Swami Nath Iyer Memorial Award/Gold Medal again for the best clinical article, “Succesful Surgical Correction of a Female  Double
  • Monster Buffalo Calf” declared best in 1980-81. (Team award to Drs. R.N. Kohli, Rama Kumar V., Jit Singh, S.N. Sharma,  B. Prasad and G.B. Singh) 
  • “Silver Ear”:  The second best International Award at the Berlin Film Festival 1982 for the film ‘Caesariotomy on milch animals’  prepared in this department by ICAR bears the citation “The film demonstrates great faith in Today’s Veterinary Medicine.” Dr.  R.N. Kohli was its technical advisor, Dr. S.N. Sharma wrote its script and the team of Surgeons (Dr. B. Prasad, S.N. Sharma,  Rama Kumar V. and Jit Singh) performed caesariotomy.
  • Dr. S.N. Sharma was recommended by PAU for the grant of “Parman Patra” by the State Govt. in 1982.
  • International Journal of repute like MVP, VM/SAC have highly appreciated the research/clinical articles and also gave honoraria.
  • ICAR Award for significant  interdisciplinary team research work on ‘Rumen dysfunction  in dairy  animals affecting high lactating  dairy cattle and buffaloes’  to the team led by Dr. S.S. Rathor (Drs. S.S. Randhawa, A.K. Ahuja, M.S. Setia, P.P. Gupta, K.S.  Roy and C.S. Randhawa) for bi-ennium 1989-90.
  • Appreciation Certificate in 1992 to Dr. V.K. Sobti by ISVS for research work.
  • Young Surgeon’s Award was awarded to Dr. Balwinder Singh in 1992 for his work on teat and udder surgery in bovines.
  • Common Wealth Fellowship was awarded to Dr. S.S.  Singh (1990-93) by University Grant Commission.
  • Dr KK Mirakhur was invited as Visiting Scientist (1994) by University of Guelph, Canada
  • International Travel Fellowship was granted to Dr. NS Saini (1997) by International Veterinary Radiology Association (IVRA) for  research paper entitled ‘ Air-tendography and ultrasonography of  mid-metacarpal region following homologous tendon grafting  in equine’ presented at 11th meeting of IVRA held at Jerusalem, Israel, July 27- August 1, 1997.
  • Best Paper Award in Small Animal Surgery session to Dr. V.K.Sobti and Dr KI Singh in 1998 during 22nd Annual conference of  Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery.
  • Dr. C.G. Bhaskar Gold Medal and Certificate by Indian Vet. Association was awarded in 1998 for “A skin scrubbing procedure for  orthopedic surgery in equine: a microbiological evaluation” the best clinical article (Team award to Drs. N.S. Saini, J.P.S. Gill,  S.N. Sharma & V.K. Sobti).
  • Best  poster  paper award to Dr NS Saini and co-workers for  the  article  entitled  “Survivors  of diaphragmatic hernia in  buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)” at VIII Annual National Conference and Symposium of Indian Veterinary Congress held from Feb.  22-23, 2001 at PAU. Ludhiana.
  • Dr. M. Raghunath and S.S. Singh were awarded Gold medal for the best research paper in orthopedics entitled “Use of static  intramedullary Interlocking Nailing for repair of comminuted / segmental femoral diaphyseal fractures in four dogs” in Orthopedics  session at the XXVII Annual Conference of ISVS held at GBPUAT, Pantnagar, from 20-22, Dec., 2003.
  • Dr. J.S. Cheema and S.S. Singh were awarded Gold medal for the best research paper in anesthesia entitled “Comparative  evaluation of diazepam and midazolam as preanesthetic to thiopentone sodium anesthesia in buffaloes” at the XXVII Annual  Conference of ISVS held at GBPUAT, Pantnagar, from 20-22, Dec., 2003.
  • Dr. Pallavi Verma, Dr. S.S. Singh and Dr. J. Mohindroo were awarded Gold Medal for the best research paper in Diagnostic  Imaging entitled “Ultrasonographic features of liver affections in canines” at the XXVIII Annual Conference of  ISVS held at  Jabalpur from Nov18-20, 2004.
  • Dr. S.S.Singh, Dean college of Vety. Science was elected as a Fellow of Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery in recognition for his  significant contributions to the advancement of Veterinary Surgery in 2004
  • Dr. J. Mohindroo, Dr. Mithilesh Kumar, Dr. Ashwani Kumar and Dr. S.S. Singh were awarded Gold Medal for the best research  paper in Diagnostic Imaging entitled “Ultrasonography of reticular and omasal disorders in bovines: a preliminary study” at the  XXIX Annual Conference of ISVS held at IVRI, Izatnagar, Bareilly from Nov 9-11, 2005.
  • Dr. J. Mohindroo, Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Dr. Vandana Sangwan, Dr Rahul Udehiya and Dr. S.S. Singh were awarded Gold Medal for  best paper in the Imaging Technique session (2006) during the 30th congress of ISVS held at COVS, Bidar (Karnatka) for the  paper entitled “Ultrasonographic features of normal omasum in buffaloes”.
  • Gold Medal for article entitled Prediction and mineral analysis of stones in canine patients suffering from urolithiasis by Fromsa  A. and Saini NS. 2008. Small Animal Session of 32nd Annual congress and symposium of ISVS held from 6-8th Nov, 2008 at  Namakal, Tamil Nadu. 
  • Gold Medal  for best paper in the equine surgery session (2009) during the 33rd congress of ISVS held at COVS, Ludhiana  (Punjab) for the paper entitled “Surgical management of uterine torsion in mares”.
  • Gold Medal  for best paper in the Ruminant surgery session (2009) during the 33rd congress of ISVS held at COVS, Ludhiana  (Punjab) for the paper entitled “Diagnosis and Surgical management of reticular abscess in bovines”.
  • Appreciation Certificate for best research paper published in IJVS( 2006-2007) was  awarded to Dr. Navdeep Singh, Dr.  K.I.Singh, Dr. K.S.Roy and Dr S.K.Mahajan for the paper entitled “ Evaluation of combination of antiarthritic drug and  therapeutic ultrasound  in acute traumatic arthritis in equines” during the 30th congress of ISVS held at COVS, Bidar (Karnatka)
  • Appreciation Certificate for paper entitled “Use of B+M mode ultrasonography for evaluation of reticular health in cows and  buffaloes” authored by Dr. J. Mohindroo, Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Dr. Vandana Sangwan, and Dr. S Singh Awarded in the Imaging  Technique session (2007) during the 31st congress of ISVS held at Faculty of Veterinary Science, SKUAST, Jammu
  • Appreciation Certificate in the Imaging Technique session (2007) during the 31st congress of ISVS held at Faculty of Veterinary  Science, SKUAST Jammu for the paper entitled “Use of B+M mode ultrasonography for evaluation of reticular health in cows and  buffaloes”.
  • Appreciation award for poster entitled “Surgical repair of compound, non-union metatarsal fracture with autogenous cancellous  bone grafting and bone plating in a heifer cow” during the 33rd congress of ISVS held at COVS, Ludhiana, Punjab (2009)
  • Dr. M Raghunath was awarded Best Teacher Award in year 2008-9
  • Dr S.S. Singh was elected Vice President of ISVS at the 31st congress of ISVS held at Faculty of Veterinary Science, SKUAST  (J), Jammu
  • Dr NS Saini was elected Vice President of ISVS at the 33rd congress of ISVS held at COVS, GADVASU- Ludhiana



Name of Faculty Member


Dr. S.S. Singh

Professor and Dean COVS

Phone: 0161-2552721(R), 09872899931 (M)


Dr. Narinder Singh Saini

Professor & Head

Phone: 09876621950 (M)

Dr. J. Mohindroo

Associate Professor

Phone: 0161-2401307(R), 09872862524 (M)


Dr. S.K. Mahajan

Associate Professor

Phone: 09888032745 (M)


Dr. Arun Anand

Assistant Professor

Phone: 09915003527 (M)


Dr. M. Raghunath

Assistant Professor

Phone: 09872044824 (M)


Dr. Ashwani Kumar

Assistant Professor

Phone: 0161-2401078(R), 09876725573 (M)


Dr. Kiranjeet Singh

Assistant Scientist

Phone: 9463129464 (M)

Dr. Tarunbir Singh

Assistant Scientist

Phone: 9872913732 (M)


Dr. Pallavi Verma

Assistant Professor

Phone: 9872443610 (M)



Dr. Navdeep Singh

Associate Professor

Dept. of Vety. & A.H. Extn.

Phone- 09815422233 (M)

Dr. Vandana Sangwan

Assistant Professor (Surgery), Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex

Phone: 0161-2401078 (R), 09876725573 (M)




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