ISVS Awards

As a routine part of ISVS Congress, the Organizing Committee is inviting papers for various Awards. The authors of the papers contesting for award should submit their full papers to either Executive Secretary, ISVS or the Organizing Secretary. The papers received for awards after due date will not be considered. Further, the author should present his paper within 5-7 minutes using LCD only.

 Young Surgeon's Award (Courtesy, Dr. J.P.Gurbaxani) : Papers are invited for presentation of young surgeon's award 2002 from the members of ISVS. The candidate applying for this award should be less than 35 years in age as on January 1 and must have at least MVSc degree in Veterinary Surgery. The work presented should not be a part of his/her MVSc. or Ph.D.thesis. The work presented should be original and related to Veterinary Surgery/ anaesthesiology/ radiology. The candidate should present the paper in person at the time of award session. The candidate applying for the award shall have to submit five copies of the abstract in not less than 150 words and five copies of complete paper to the Executive Secretary. The author should submit his complete biodata and the necessary certificates, along with scientific paper.

M.R. Patel Award for the Best Field Veterinarian (Courtesy Dr. M. R. Patel) : Clinical papers are invited from field veterinarians for Field Veterinary Clinician Award. There is no upper age limit for this award.  Candidates willing to contest for the above awards are requested to send three copies of full articles along with photographs, tables, graphs etc., five copies of abstracts (100 wards) and biodata along with list of publications to: Dr. S. Thilagar, Executive Secretary, Chennai Mobile # 09940146143 

Members of ISVS applying for this award should hold at least MVSc. Degree in Veterinary Surgery and should not have received the said award any time earlier. There is no age limit for this award. The work presented must be clinical oriented and related to Veterinary Surgery / anesthesiology / radiology and it should not have been carried at the academic institutions.

Best Paper Presentation Award in Small Animal Surgery' (Courtesy Dr. A.K. Srivastava): The award will be given for the best paper presented during the congress in field of small animal surgery.

Best Oral Paper Presentation Awards : Awards will also be given for the Best and Second Best papers presented during the Congress in the field of Anesthesiology, Ruminant Surgery, Equine Surgery, Radiology and Imaging Techniques,  Orthopedic Surgery, Zoo and Wild Animal Surgery, Avian Surgery sessions.

Best Poster Presentation Award: Best Poster Presentation Awards will be given separately in Small and Large Animal Surgery Poster sessions. The members of the ISVS applying for this award should hold at least M.V.Sc. degree in Veterinary Surgery. Individual or teamwork carried out will be considered for this award. The author of the paper should prepare the poster of 120 x 90 cm (4 x 3 feet). The typed part of the poster should contain:

Title and Author's Name:  Abstract (containing brief research methodology and results with table, diagrams or photographs). Please use font size 14 for typing title of the paper and font size 12 for typing of abstract, using Times New Roman font type.

Dr. A.K. Bhargava Memorial Award: This is wards is given for Best Research Paper Published in the Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery        




to be given by

Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery

 during inaugural function at NAVSARI (Gujarat)

(22nd November, 2018)



Dr. P.E. Kulkarni Oration Award-2018

(Citation, Certificate, Momento and Shawl)

(For overall contributions in the field of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology)


1.  Dr. C.C. Wakankar


Dr. O. Ramakrishna Oration Award-2018

(Citation, Certificate, Momento and Shawl)

(For overall contributions in the field of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology)

1.  Dr. H.P. Aithal


Fellow of the ISVS-2018

(Citation and Certificate)

(For overall contributions in the field of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology)

1. Dr. Gajendra Subhanrao Khandekar

2. Dr. Adarsh Kumar

3. Dr. T. P. Balagopalan

4. Dr. Prakash Kinjavdekar


Certificate of Honour-2017

(Certificate, Momento and Shawl)

1.  Dr. R.V. Sureshkumar




Ruminant Surgery Session Award (2017)

Title: Surgical management of intussusception under isoflurane anaesthesia A review of 12 cases 

1.      S. Vigneshwaran

2.      S. Dharmaceelan

3.      S. Senthil Kumar

4.      A. Kumaresan

5.      K. Jayakumar

6.      S. Kathirvel


Small Animal Surgery Session Award (2017)

Title: A novel approach to address rectal sacculation associated with perineal hernia in dogs A report of 8 cases 

1.     V. Devi Prasad

2.     P. Ravi Kumar

3.     M. Raghunath

4.     N.V.V. Harikrishna

5.     Makkena Sreenu

6.     P. Vidya Sagar

7.     B. Sailaja


Equine Surgery Session Award (2017)

Title: Diagnostic prognostic indicators and surgical outcome in 20 cases of intestinal colic 

1.      J. Khosa

2.      A. Anand

3.      V. Sangwan

4.      S.K. Mahajan

5.      J. Mohindroo

6.      S.S. Singh


Radiology and Imaging Session Award (2017)

Title: Computerized radiographic studies of thorax in geriatric dogs 

1.      Naga Gowthami G.V.

2.      Makkena Sreenu

3.      V. Devi Prasad

4.      G. Venkata Naidu



Anaesthesiology Session Award (2017)

Title: Pre-emptive analgesic effect of dexmedetomidine - butorphanol during isoflurane ananesthesia in 18 cattle 

1.      S. Vigneshwaran

2.      S. Senthil Kumar

3.      S. Dharmaceelan

4.      P. Mekala


Orthopaedic Surgery Session Award (2017)

Title: Evaluation of IILN techniques for long bone fracture repair in bovines 

1.      D. Dilipkumar

2.      B.V. Shivaprakash

3.      Manjunath Patil

4.      Bhagvantappa B.

5.      D. Jahangirbasha

6.      S.M. Usturge

7.      Venkatgiri


       Wild and Zoo Animal Surgery Session Award (2017)

Title: Symphyseal and transverse fracture of mandible in an Indian grey mongoose (Herpestes edwardsi) and its surgical management 

1.      Sudheesh S. Nair

2.      Soumya Ramankutty

3.      S. Anoop

4.      M.K. Narayanan

5.      H. Anvitha

6.      C.B. Devanand


Avian Surgery Session Award (2017)

Title: Multifarious case complication of bird surgeries A retrospective study 

1.      Ushma Patel

2.      B.M. Gahlod

3.      S.V. Upadhye

4.      S.B. Akhare

5.      G.S. Khante

6.      S.P. Salvekar

7.      Ninoska Pereira

8.      Chandini


Ophthalmology Session Award (2017)

Title: Clinical evaluation of electroretinography (ERG) for diverse ophthalmic affections in dogs: A study of 12 cases 

1.      S.K. Jhirwal

2.      Ramveer Singh

3.      Munna Lal

4.      Pratikshit Sanel

5.      Sakar Palecha

6.      P. Bishnoi

7.      T.K. Gahlot


Small Animal Poster Session Award (2017)

Title: Multiple skeletal and joint abnormalities leading to bilateral grade IV lateral patellar luxation and its successful surgical management in a dog 

1.      M. Raghunath

2.      V. Devi Prasad

3.      P. Vidya Sagar

4.      B. Sailaja

5.      G.S.C. Bose


 Large Animal Poster Session Award (2017)

Title: Surgical Management of mesenteric hernia in HF cross cow: A rare case 

1.      J.B. Patel

2.      P.B. Patel

3.      P.T. Sutaria

4.      A.M. Patel

5.      V.S. Modh


M.R. Patel Award for Best Field Veterinarian (2017) 

Title: Ocular tumours in bovines of Hassan and Tumkur district of Karnataka and their management 

1.      Manjunath S.P.


Best Clinician Award (2017) 

Title: NIL


Young Surgeon Award (2017) 

Title: NIL


Dr. A.K. Bhargava Memorial Award (2017) 

Title:  NIL



Ruminant Surgery Session Award (2017)

Title: Surgical management of hypospadias in goats A review of 8 cases 

1.      J.K. Tank

2.      K.R. Kurup

3.      P.V. Parikh

4.      J.J. Parmar

5.      A.S. Parmar

6.      D.A. Ratnu

7.      J.K. Mahla


Small Animal Surgery Session Award (2017)

Title: Low grade suction as a viable option for management of prostatic abscess in dogs 

1.      Pallavi Verma

2.      Tarunbir Singh

3.      Navjot Kaur

4.      J. Mohindroo

5.      Rahul K. Udehiya


Equine Surgery Session Award (2017)

Title: Common hoof problems in working equines: 30 clinical cases 

1.      Brihaspati Bharti

Radiology and Imaging Session Award (2017)

Title: Diagnostic utility of thoracic radiographs in large animals: A study of 203 cases 

1.      V. Devi Prasad

2.      M. Raghunath

3.      P. Ravi Kumar

4.      N.V.V. Harikrishna

5.      Makkena Sreenu

6.      P. Vidya Sagar

7.      B. Sailaja


Anaesthesiology Session Award (2017)

Title: Evaluation of dexmedetomidine alone and along with midazolam or medazolam and butorphanol for premedication in propofol and isoflurane anaesthesia in water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) 

1.      Rohit Kumar

2.      P. Kinjavdekar

3.      Amarpal

4.      H.P. Aithal

5.      A.M. Pawde

6.      D. Gautam

7.      A.R. Bhat

8.      D.N. Madhu

9.      A.P. Singh


Orthopaedic Surgery Session Award (2017)

Title: Use of arthroscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of different arthropathies in bovine 

1.      Tarunbir Singh

2.      Pallavi Verma

3.      J. Mohindroo

4.      Rahul K. Udehiya

5.      N. Umeshawari Devi

6.      Harnoor Singh


Wild and Zoo Animal Surgery Session Award (2017)

Title: Comparative Doppler ultrasonographic biometry of hepato-biliary and portal system in wild felids 

1.      Somil Rai

2.      V.P. Chandrapuria

3.      A.B. Shrivastava

4.      Amol Rokde

5.      Atul Gupta


Avian Surgery Session Award (2017)

Title: Surgical Management of tibio-tarsal fracture in domestic fowl 

1.      D. Jahangir Basha

2.      D. Dilipkumar

3.      B. Bhagvantappa

4.      B.V. Shivaprakash

5.      S.M. Usturge


Ophthalmology Session Award (2017)

Title: Pre and Post operative electroretinographic changes in dogs with cataract 

1.      D.N. Kelawala

2.      P.V. Parikh

3.      D.B. Patil

4.      Sini K.R.

5.      E.A. Parulekar

6.      D.A. Ratnu


Small Animal Poster Session Award (2017)

Title: Full thickness skin grafting in extensive lacerated wound in german shepherd: A case report 

1.      D.A. Ratnu

2.      P.V. Parikh

3.      K.R. Kurup

4.      A.S. Parmar

5.      J.K. Mahla

6.      I.A. Pal


Large Animal Poster Session Award (2017)

Title: Surgical management of ruminal impaction in a camel (Camelus dromedaries) 

1.      S. Dharmaceelan

2.      A. Kumaresan

3.      P. Sankar

4.      G. Vijayakumar

5.      S. Kathirvel




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